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Maria, Little Hadham

This lawn was cut regularly but had never received any previous treatment. The infestation of moss and weeds over the years had left a vulnerable grass surface with a very weak root structure. Noticeable effects of chafer grub activity were also detected leaving parts of the lawn looking like a ploughed field, which was subsequently made worse by the extensive damage caused by badgers digging for their protein.


A full lawn care programme was devised that consisted of liquid iron for moss control, as well as scarification and aeration to alleviate soil compaction and restore stronger grass roots. We then applied a mixture of top dressing and overseed to help repair the bare patches and improve grass quality for a healthier looking lawn. Once the grass was back fully growing, we followed up with necessary weed control, and chafer beetle monitoring traps are now in place alongside a dose of nemasys to organically treat any remaining larvae.


Disease Diagnosis



Seasonal Fertiliser

Weed & Moss Control

Top Dressing


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