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A mechanical process that involves perforating the lawn with small holes, breaking up soil compaction and allowing for air, water and essential nutrients to aid and promote healthy root growth

Aeration is a process used to promote the lawn’s ability to access air, water and essential nutrients through its root system.


Soil particles can become compacted over time, preventing the roots from accessing the nutrients they require, which increases the likelihood of flooding and weed infections such as daisies or moss. Excess lawn thatch or heavy organic debris below the surface can also starve the roots from these essential elements.


Supalawns uses specialist equipment that will perforate the lawn with small holes, alleviating soil compaction and allowing free circulation and an improved drainage system to stimulate root depth for a healthier and more oxygenated lawn.

A diagram of how aeration works

How aeration works



Compacted hard soil and shallow roots. Heavy thatch layer prevents nutrients accessing root system

Reduced soil compaction and improved access of water, air and essential nutrients creates deeper roots and increases lawn density


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