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Professional and bespoke lawn care services within Hertfordshire and Essex

We are dedicated to providing an honest and reliable service that delivers exceptional results.

Our Services

Aeration is a specialist service offered by Supalawns


A mechanical process that involves perforating the lawn with small holes, breaking up soil compaction and allowing essential nutrients to aid and promote healthy root growth

Scarification is a specialist service offered by Supalawns


A mechanical process that removes thatch and moss to promote healthy grass growth

Supalawns offers seasonal fertiliser treatments

Seasonal Fertiliser

Our regular treatment programme is tailored to ensure your lawn deals with the seasonal challenges it faces all year round

Supalawns can provide weed control

Weed Control

Normally applied a few weeks after the spring feed when weeds are most actively growing

Supalawns offers overseeding as a specialist service


A quick and effective process to reinvigorate your lawn

Supalawns offers top dressing as a specialist service

Top Dressing

The application of mineral enriched soil to promote healthy grass growth

Turfing is a specialist service offered by Supalawns


Laying new lawns for instant great results

Disease diagnosis is a service offered by Supalawns

Disease Diagnosis

Our regular maintenance programme takes preventive measures to ensure your lawn is best prepared to deal with any diseases

We would highly recommend the services of John Marshall & his lawn care business Supalawns, we live in Braughing and up until a year ago our back garden was at best a meadow but we now have a lush lawn to be proud of, many thanks John.

Nick, Braughing

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